I ain't missin' you at all

Remember that 80's song? I loved his frilly shirt....

B.Diddy is gone. We have talked twice this morning. Once about whether or not I got the message that his stupid meeting didn't start until 11 so he actually could have driven down this morning and just stayed away one night.

Not many of you actually know us, but we are a bit on the disgusting side. Ask Pia! I slept so poorly and not until almost 3am. Of course, I did have loads of room for me and the boys.

But I miss him like crazy. And now I have to take Hobbes to the vet cuz of course he cut his foot just as dad was leaving town. If anyone gives us 'the look' cuz he's a pit, I'm going to bite them myself. Yeah, me and the bad mood are headed to the vet.