and I think to myself, what a wonderful world....

We watched 'Bowling for Columbine' in Humanities last night. I cried in a roomful of near strangers. If you haven't seen it, please do.

me and b

This is at my friend's wedding. I wish it was in color cuz I'm wearing blue tuile with matching robin's egg blue nail polish. My outfit rocked....

OH! I forgot about the funny story that goes with this. This function was one of the first times a large group of my friends got to meet/size up my new man. I was doing the hair and makeup for the wedding party so I left Bear, oops, B.Diddy to his own devices, with some minor suggestions...

me: Hon, do you want to double check that your suit is ok, you have a shirt you like, all the accessories are packed?

bear: I am a big boy. I am capable of packing for myself.

Okey-dokey. I didn't know him then like I know him now.....We get to the backside of the moon in Maine. I unpack steamers, makeup trunks, hair equip. He is in charge of our clothing bags. Great. Smooth. No worries.

Jump to the morning of the wedding. It is looking rainy and my bride is starting to get class A bitchy. I get her ready and have my usual 20 minutes to prepare. B.Diddy has showered and is reading on the porch. I urge him upstairs to dress.

bear: No worries, honey bunny. I'm ready to go.

We head upstairs and I go into the bathroom and he unzips his garment bag. From our bedroom I hear his deep, rumbley voice...

bear: That's odd. I always pack my pants with my jackets.

You guessed it. He didn't have his suit pants. He ended up wearing some other pants that weren't perfect, but they were passable. I had visions of jeans with a suit jacket. Granted, there are worse things, but not on that particular day. NOW I know just how crazy life with him can be :)