Need I say more?

I had a zillion things to do yesterday. I am 7 papers light for one class, I have to paint a picture of a fruit bowl and a picture of a bouquet of flowers by Saturday, the vacuum needs to go for a check-up, I need to mail my sister's birthday present, my parents want me to send belly pics, I have to write a speech, I must try on caps and gowns, my college needs my phonetic paperwork, I need to make invitation lists for 2 CT showers, 2 VT showers and my graduation and I had a class A 4 quadrant headache yesterday BUT...... I spent 2 hours watching Dawson's Creek and gluing rhinestones to my phone. Thanks to Trudy who sent me a packet with all the necessary tools. She rocks :)

So that takes care of bling2 phone from yesterday. And impossible tasks, too. Aside from the reorg of my closet and office. THAT is truly impossible.

I'll clear up one more and then I really MUST go do some errands before I get fired as a housewife.

"A+ Excellent Work"

Now, I'm not complaining but.... I haven't written the synopses due for Humanities because I missed a lot of classes and I can't seem to get a feel for my prof. He said to take my time turning in the papers, which I obviously have.... So I wanted to see what his feedback was on my midterm before writing all these papers. I say things in class and he looks at me like I have a duck on my head. I absolutely can NOT get a read from this guy. Back in the day I would have run him to ground for smooches but that is so not an option. Instead, I agonize. Was my reference to Hobbes too arcane? When I told him the Declaration of Independence wasn't written for women OR minorities, did he really flinch? Usually my comments are met with, "Um, okaaaay..." and that's it.

So imagine my friggin' surprise when I got my midterm back. Four questions, eight pages of answers, not a single solitary comment. Just "A+ Excellent Work" on the last page. Who am I to complain? Guess I'd better get busy with those synopses....