so much to say, no time at all!

This weekend sucked worse than anticipated. I'll relay all when I have an hour and can get my head around it. Let it suffice to say that I always knew T was an elegant, class-act, beautiful inside and out. Now I'm also impressed as hell with her iron will and nerves of steel. Go girl.

My mother is cutting a wide swath through New England. She is abusing retail staff in 5 states as her spending frenzy continues. I just saw her house and as far as I can tell every stick that was in my parent's shared home is now in hers. My dad must have been able to move with a Honda Civic. Sheesh. More on that later, too.

Loads to do. Still up to my eyeballs in school work. Cleaning like a loon cuz I can't stand it another minute. The house is looking good and I"m ready to watercolor and write papers tonight.

On the baby front....
Kicking all the time. I always smile when I feel it. Every time. I think this whole kid thing is going to be great. We're working on the upstairs bedroom/office reshuffle. I found a desk that makes an L that will be perfect in my new space. Now I have to go get it!

Starting to get a big belly. I rub it all the time like Buddha. I have this shifty side twist with a forearm block that I use to keep strange hands off it. I used to have giant boobies and at least people got drunk before they reached in. The belly is a free for all. Hate that.