I completely didn't realize.....

I'm officially in my third trimester. Holy crap. We haven't taken a Lamaze class. The nursery is STILL an office. I spend all day doing errands and writing papers instead of listening to classical music and reading to my belly. I'm sunk.

Right this very minute:

*The baby may have started dreaming now.

*The bronchial tracts develop. The lungs will not be fully mature until after birth.

*From this month onwards, the use of the placenta gradually decreases. Also, the amount of amniotic fluid reduces as the baby grows.

*Baby can put the thumb in the mouth.

*He/she can cry.

*The bones have begun to harden.

*The skin gains more vernix to protect from the acidity of the amniotic fluid and to help maintain a regular temperature.

*Growth slows and becomes more regular.

Behold, I am wroughting a miracle. Ok, freaking out so I have to outside for a while.....