times flies

My mother has moved to a town a bit over an hour away. She's behaving badly but we're both trying to get along better. Promises to be interesting.

Just returned from Easter dinner with the in-laws. Fabulous, as always. I've been blessed.

This morning we were invited to an Easter Egg hunt at my friend's house. We were psyched to see our NYC friends so we went, even though we didn't have the required child for entrance...

What a zoo. They sent the kids into the downstairs basement while the Dad tossed eggs around the yard. The kids were frenzied because there was nothing downstairs so one little bugger started the rumor that the Easter Bunny had missed the house. Then they came upstairs and saw the eggs on the lawn....the had to wait while everyone got their shoes on and then the all crowded the front door and were like maniacs snatching eggs. One older kid got virtually all of them. His parents didn't call him off the chase and some of the littler kids got nada. It was a mess. Kids, jacked on sugar, crying and fighting. Something to look forward to.

We have started the three floor shuffle to prepare for the muffin. Our office is going to be the nursery so my closet, which is actually another bedroom, is being halved to accomodate my desk, as well. So far it looks good, but I don't have everything put away yet :) Bear is relocating to the basement TV room. We have plenty of room, we just expanded to fill the space and now we have to reconfigure....

I'm starting to get big. I will be posting pictures sooooooon. For now, I am going to snug my husband :) I don't know what's gotten into us lately but we are in a total honeymoon phase. I'm just loving him even more than usual, which is a LOT!