new twist on an old favorite

Okay. Rio is all about defining things and ordering people around and telling who what and all that jazz all 2.75 year olds are into. She does this thing where she tells you to do some random thing and then follows her command with 'no saying why'. ?!

Today I left her with Bear. That means she started her nap an hour late, probably had Fritos and ice cream for lunch, and when she awakens she will no doubt be sticky. But she had a funny today. She said to Bear:

rio: Hey daddy, guess what - no saying 'what'.

bear: ...

rio: ... (smiling)

bear: Monkey butt?

rio: (laughing now) YES!

It's a madhouse.


just me said...

see, when i say that stuff it's not half as cute...

apparantly being 23 and ordering people around is considered 'bitchy'.

Diana said...

I was thinking Chicken Butt!! LOL! Yeah, I'm mature.