guilty pleasure

Two short months into Rio's existence we discovered that she would not sleep anywhere but on my chest. At first I was sure it was our excellent bond. I never really did put her down for very long, and who doesn't like being snuggled 24/7?! Eventually even I figured out this wouldn't work longterm! So, I read Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child which my best friend Anna had highly recommended. It saved my bacon. We continue to refer to it and I always recommend it to pregger friends.

Appropriately, she's at a willful stage. That's the nice way of saying she is the single most contrary person on the planet right now. Last night, exhausted from refusing to nap, she ate soup declaring between each and every bite, "I don't like soup! I don't eat soup!" ... and so on.

So here's the thing. She was so whipped last night that I gave her a bath early and put her down very early; at 6:30. And she slept until 9 0'clock this morning. Again today - no nap. I was doing errands and called Bear for the exasperated report of, "She's jumping up and down yelling ' I don't have to take a naaaaap!'" so I said, "Get her up!" and he did.

And she went to bed at 6:30 again tonight. Not a peep. Sound asleep.

Needless to say, I feel guilty. Guilty it's too early for bed. Guilty she fell asleep anyway. Guilty I'm doing my best approximation of an ancient Indian 'Let that demandatron sleep til 9 again' dance. Guilty for really liking the peace and quiet that reigns right this second. And most of all, guilty that I'm so pleased with the respite from getting bossed around all day!

Think I'll go paint my nails!


Beth@WolfSong said...

Do your toes, too! And no adult-kid ever griped about her parents putting her to bed too early, unless it was when she was 12 and it was summer and only 7:30 and her dad decided to mow the lawn right outside her window which was almost okay because it drowned out the sound of her best friends playing just beyond her yard...
My babe employed nap strike from about 18 mos on, and I've never heard nastiness about putting her to bed at 6:30. Mind you, she didn't start truly 'sleeping through the night' until she was 6 or 7.

aliastaken said...

There is no rule set in stone that says all kids have to nap. My toddler gave up her naps around two. She went to bed around 7 most nights, sometimes earlier, sometimes (a little) later. It's fine. Also makes for some decent adult evening time, which is good for adults and children!

Joanne B. said...

Don't feel guilty silly, enjoy every moment of solitude! My little ones are in bed by 7/7:30. Little Man has always been ealry to bed, and the big boy, now that he's in school and napless is beat tired at an early hour.

By the way, thank you SO much for the scissor charms you're giving to the fundraiser! I really appreciate it. Hopefully we'll meet in person someday, I've only heard about you from M for - oh, AGES.