go time!

I'm packed and waiting for the princess to awaken. The garage door opening directly behind our heads didn't do it. The motorcycle starting up in the garage and then idling and then roaring off didn't do it (thanks jim!). Maybe if I try to draw the kitty whiskers that I think would be sooo adorable on her face, maybe that'll do it!

We are going to Orlando to drop the car and fly home. We haven't been away from Bear for this long ever. I don't even think I've been away from him this long since we've been married! I have that 'might throw up' feeling in my stomach I'm so excited to get home. We had a great trip and the beach is always fun, but there is no place like home.

That said, I may have to photodocument the joint when I get home. Bear had a huge list of 'to-dos' for himself but every time I talked to him, he was watching a movie. So, unless 'make new and improved couch indentation' was at the top of a short list, I suspect it will look the same. But with more dust. And bits of food. And socks everywhere ... but still. Yay!

* Is it me or are drivers all over the place getting ruder and more ignorant? Yesterday I was waiting to turn right and I was behind a freaking car carrier and a redneck with tires up to the roof of my car blasted his horn when I didn't stay 2 inches from the guy in front of me. Honestly. I had to wait for a CAR CARRIER TO TURN RIGHT! They're big and long! When he passed me I asked the passenger hanging a farmer tanned arm out the window, "In a rush to get to the redneck ball?". I'm so going to get shot in the head one of these days ...


Beth said...

Shot in the head, heh.

And, yes, drivers are getting ruder everywhere. Even here, on a not too small Canadian island. This is precisely why I have driven no more than 2 hours since getting my learner's license (in September).
...No, I'm not that young.

Diana said...

I'll get shot along with you...a woman who felt she had the right of way turning left at a red light (i was going straight) and then BLOCKED the intersection was wondering why I was waving a special finger at her...you know these drivers, you've been here...ugh.

YAY! You're coming home!