man o man

Our house borders a very very very busy road. One that makes me a little crazy, but isn't even my least favorite thing here. So, Rio and I are in the front yard and I'm madly trying to clean up the detritus of the spring storms while watching her like a hawk. I have just the cart of the Deere rig in the yard because she makes a big deal about the 'traptor' and its loud noisy engine. So I get to drag the cart around the yard like some moron.

Anyway ... she's flicking lichen off a tree in the front yard. It's close to the front door, so I'm letting her have at it. She comes over to me and shows me a piece of whatever that green crud is and I ask if it's for the stick pile or to put in my pocket. She indicates pile and I toss it in. Then, almost as an afterthought, I tell her, "Now, don't put your hands in your mouth. That green stuff might be very dirty!" and when I turn back from carefully depositing said crap in a pile, she has her entire hand jammed into her mouth.

I hope it's not poisonous.


melman said...

It's dirty, don't put it in your mouth.
It's wet paint, don't touch it.
Save it for a rainy day.
You're too young for sex.

These are all pointless phrases.