again with 'i got nothing'....

*We have a new game we're playing of late. It's called 'Baby'. She acts like a little baby, wants a bottle, wants to be snuggle up and hear, 'shh shh shh little baby' while she says, 'waa, waa' in a soft little voice. She looks up at me with a smirky face while all 4 miles of legs and arms hang over mine and she takes the baby bottle in her mouth and I sing to her and tickle her chin and kiss her face for long stretches of time. I feel like she's throwing me a snuggle bone and I could not care less.

*We're leaving tomorrow for VT. While we were in FL, Bear broke the blower motor on my car. And he decided to take the car apart tonight to see what the problem is. Even though I have an appointment at a garage for 8am. Even though they'll be a little pissed when I cancel their first appointment of the day, but what can be done?

Why cancel, you ask? Because my rockstar husband took out the blower motor and fixed it. Took it apart, shook corroded no doubt toxic shit all over the kitchen table and then set to with wire brushes and other stuff and fixed it. He's so hott when he's fixing stuff. Man!

*Got the canal for my botched root canal filled today. Highly unpleasant but I remain in awe of my dental guru. AND! I asked him if I could have a gold star or a bezel set stone on my new tooth/cap and he said he'll try to do it for me! Do you love him or what?!

*I should be cleaning but I'm going to finish watching Shark. I'm up here because I'm so spoiled by TiVo that I can't bear to watch a show in real time. I have to be able to zip through commercials unless they look fun. I am only watching fun commercials. So. A LOT of zipping ...

*Speaking of tv, I also liked 'October Road' that was on for a minute. I would watch boring commercials with Laura Prepon because I have a girl crush on her, but I see the absolute crap storylines may be causing troubles. That stupid pregnancy show is on in its place this week. Trouble on the horizon??!! Here are my suggestions for you, October Road writers:

~ why didn't Nick come back? c'mon. give us some sort of reason?! Hannah and his friends seem so fun. he would have called. his mom? his dad? he got his bro into the drugs that you've explained make him so stupid? epic crabs? eurotrash homosexual love affair??!!! many possible reasons but no explanation....

~ you can't have Nick kissing one of his students already. he's in love with Hannah, duh. we don't want him to be morally corrupt before you even get picked up. duh duh duh. we want him to keep trying to get back with Hannah. and what is most likely his son. duh!

~ Big Cat would never ever have gotten Hannah. period. you could have him chasing her, but smooching her? BUYING HER A HOUSE? NEVER CUTTING HIS HAIR SINCE HIGH SCHOOL????!!!! no, I don't think so...

~additionally, no way is Hannah going to let Big Cat's cretin sons harass her boy. she should poison those rotten rugrats.

~ october road is a stupid name.

~ um, did you really call the fat girl 'Janet The Planet'?! wtf?

~ and when former high school hott guy realizes he likes said 'planet' (yeah, you really piss me off with that one), allow him to deepen his character. please don't let HER get sucked into his shallow pool by agreeing to be his closet booty call. really hard to recover from that in a nice way.

~physical Phil is the best part of the show. but he totally would have helped that old lady. shame on you. i missed the last episode but i hope he nailed the crap out of pizza freak.

~ give Hannah something smart to say. that bit about the peanut allergy in the bar? don't get me started. I want to continue to watch Laura Prepon so NBC I'm begging you, stop letting your nieces and nephews write this show as extra credit for 8th grade. thank you and I must go watch the snarky brilliance that is Shark.**

**these impromptu rants would be better if I thought about them, did a draft, EDITED....but too bad.


mare said...

I love me some October Road as well!

I need more explanation about Phil's issues. I guess all the indoor time made him smarter than the rest of the lot.