maddening perfection

I often think we, Bear and I, are going to lose it over something stupid. Looks like he's gonna go first :)

We took a family trip to ToysRUs today. That place really freaks me out and I wonder where all that plastic will go someday ... but I digress. We were going for the Tinkertoys that are all neutral and gorgeous. And maybe some Matchbox car tracks. Found neither. So, Legos came home with us.

*cut to an hour later*

Bear comes running upstairs with a panicked look on his face. He rouses me from the hour nap I've stolen from the day.

me: What's the matter? What happened? Is she okay? Are you okay?

bear: We were playing Legos and she said, "I can't do this!"!!!

me: Maybe she can't.

bear: Yeah, I know, but it just makes me so sad.

Let's hope she didn't get my math genes or he'll have a devastating run during her school years. But seriously, isn't he so cute?!