yet another reason my OB can hang...

Every appointment I bring an index card with all the questions I've thought of since the last appointment. There's always a doozer or two.

me: Ok, I feed the dogs the BARF diet. Raw chicken necks, raw ground meat, pulsed veggies and yogurt. What about salmonella et al?

doc: Just wash your hands after prep. I'm not so concerned it about it.

Don't you just love that guy? Although I am NOT eating:
blue cheese
goat cheese
cold cuts
hot dogs
large fish
chicken or beef with hormones

and a number of other things I love, I'm trying not to get all wound up in hysteria. I plan to go to the beach this summer, I don't plan to change the dogs' diet, and I am coloring my hair so.....I'm just trying to stay a little relaxed through this process and it's working ok.

It really helps that the little nugget has taken to doing softshoe in my belly about one hundred times a day. Taptaptap, sliiiiiide, taptaptap. Makes me smile every time.