I was just reading the comments in IA's blog and was reminded of a corn pancake story....

The whole crew was in Arizona for the wedding of good friends about 8 years ago. The east coast contingent rented rooms next to each other, shared some of the rooms, hooked up, line danced and spent a week drinking pool water as we lay about hung over every day for a week. But here's the story...

We headed out for breakfast on day one. We were up stupid early so me, San, Mikey and Brucey headed off for parts unknown. San and I were buck wild party girls and Mikey and Brucey are Long Island boieyyyzzz and were like something straight out of Goodfellows. We found a little restaurant and tried not to attract too much attention. Right.

The waitress looked just like one of the Von Trapps, all blond, braided, scrubbed and fresh looking. She wasn't ready for us. As she approached the table with her good morning song at the ready, Mikey barks at her- "Yo, sweetheart. Four cwoffeez." It took 2 more times for her to understand 'coffee' as spoken by a New Yorker. She scurries off to find a translator and we look over the menu.

Mikey: What fuck are 'corncakes'?? (he says this loudly enough to turn every head in the place that wasn't already craned to check us out.)

Me: Mikey, shh- the waitress is right behind you!

Mikey: Right. Sweetheat-what the fuck are 'corncakes'?

You probably had to be there but it was the best week ever. To be young, carefree and still wild as hell. *sigh* Now Mikey's married with a child, Brucey married the mother of his child and has another, San is the mother of 3 boys, the married couple has the most adorable girl and even I am married happily with a baby on the way.

If someone had told us this years ago, during that week of floating around, dancing and drinking, we would never have believed it. I still don't :)