I am officially a more relaxed person

...as evidenced by my reaction, or lack thereof, to my final grades for last semester.

Humanities/ The Warrior Ethic :: A
Social and Political Philosophy :: A
The Creative Mind :: A
A Question of God in the Modern World :: B+

My chance at summa cum laude is officially shot. I sent the prof an email asking if there has been some sort of mistake (ya, I got balls) so we'll see what he says.

But the remarkable thing is--I don't really care. Magna cum stay at home mom is okay, too. I'm really undergoing a huge change in my level of excitability. Last year a B+ would have put me into a foul mood, with much banging around and cursing involved. I opened my grades and went, "Anh" or however you write the sound for so what. We'll see.

I spent the day in Jersey providing emergency child care for good friends of mine. A long drive but a labor of love that I was pleased I could provide. I did get to sample 'Elmo' fruit snacks. I'll be going out tomorrow to buy a case. Those things fucking rule! And 100% of my vitamin C for the day! Or 400%, when you consider I ate 4 bags ;)

Bear and my little sister V are visiting my brother at a nightclub. V is 20 years younger than I.....there is a lot to tell but not today. She is wonderful and Bear really feels like she's his little sister, too. I love how loving he is.

I can't believe no one was curious about the Phish story. Oh well, it wasn't THAT great anyway....

night night