To clear a few things up...

1. My prof called me as soon as he got my email. He basically said if a student is ballsy enough to question their grade, he's open enough to negotiate. I'm not telling anyone about this development!! So, I have to rewrite my theology based on Sallie McFague's LIFE ABUNDANT and he'll reconsider my grade. Probably an A-, which is okay with me!!

2. When Bear and my sister went to see my brother last night, a funny little thing happened. Mark, my bro, introduced V as his sister and Bear as his brother in law. They all got a funny look because Bear is 36 and V is 19 so my brother says, 'Oh, ah, he's married to my other sister!' Kind of amusing, non?

3. So....I was visiting Mark at a bar (the usual meeting place if you want to see him and you have to listen to his jam band although they usually will play a silly Prince riff if I'm there....) in Vermont and I was backstage with the guys and the whole scene. Some guy walks up to my brother and my bro makes the face that I recognize as 'I don't really dig this dude' but I have no idea who he is. He looks familiar so I think he's a bartender at the club. Mark says, "This is Rob, Rob, my sister." and I say "Hi, nice to see you. If you're headed to the bar could you grab me a couple of Heinekens?"

For some reason this puts my brother into hysterics. The guy, Rob, snorts at me and turns his back and walks away and starts talking to someone else.

me: What's so damned funny?

mark: (still bent over laughing) That was perfect! I love you!

me: Whaaaa? I don't get it?

mark: Do you know who he is?

me: He looks familiar. Isn't he a bartender here or something?

mark: (still LHAO) That's Rob Fishman! The base player from Phish! hahahahahaha

me: Oh, yeah, I thought he looked familiar. I just thought it was from here.

Yeah, a little clueless but kind of cute. That's me.

THAT reminds me..... of when I was a waitress in Florida. I'm well read, politically knowledgeable, understand modern dance....I just am a disco biscuit. Love top 40. The musical taste of a thirteen year old. Can't help it, can't deny it. Sorry if that disappoints you.

Where was I? Oh yes. I was working lunch at Harpoon Louies in Jupiter with my 80's kinda big curly hair with the white streak in the front, and there were 2 guys seated in my section. Long hair, leather Hard Rock Cafe jackets-back when they were exclusive- one from Stockholm and the other from somewhere else in Europe. So blahblahblah and they were done with lunch and putting on their jackets. I asked if they were band guys or something. One says to me, "You don't recognize us, do you?" and I answer, "If you're not a backup dancer for Madonna, I probably wouldn't know you." This cracked them up to no end. And they tipped me a crisp $100 for lunch. Still have no idea who they were......