my husband is a funny guy

just now, from the bedroom:

bear: Know what?

me: What?

bear: Naming a baby is fucking hard.

We can't agree on a single name. Not one. This should be interesting.....

bear's secret blog

I know he has one. I just don't know the address. Guessing will take too long and his snoring cancels out his talking in his sleep.

this semester is almost over

I've been sick as a dog but working hard. I am .04 points away from summa cum laude and I really do want it. The only thing that may harm me is attendence. I should have gone to a huge school where I could just be a number that does well on tests!

The good news is I'm pretty sure I've satisfied every requirement for gen.ed AND my major so I am thinking of taking ceramics and sculpture this semester to finish up. Easy classes-go figure!

So, I have printed out my take-home exam from Social and Political Philosophy ( I love you Professor Bennett, you cool-ass, beret wearing, fascinating man) so I'm off to bed to annoy my husband with brainstorming.