fat and happy

Had a checkup this morning. I always try to wear interesting panties. Today I wore my boyshorts that have "Pow!" and "Zam" and "Clonk" all over them. I have gained 4 pounds so the doc is happy. She said, "Don't worry, it'll start to pile on now."


At my next appointment I get to do sugar testing. Fast, have blood taken, then ingest some poisonous sugar cocktail, then sit around for an hour and let the lightly trained ghouls at QuestLabs take another vial of blood. Sounds great, huh? Oh the indignities.... I was thinking of offering to eat a box of GirlScout cookies really fast instead of the sugar cocktail. I'll let you know how it goes.

I also went to our favorite Italian deli and got loads of sliced meat for Bear's carb-free torture. He's doing well and he's always happiest when embroiled in some compulsive behaviour. So I cook meat. I got some ground buffalo at the grocery. Wonder if I can find a decent recipe for it somewhere?!

Pretty boring day. My website is down so I despair of paying for my ebay wins because I can't get email. I'm sure it'll be fixed soon. One of the techs called me from Old Navy about 2 minutes after I opened my case. Quick, they are, at wshost.net. Unsolicited plug.

Kind of having one of those content days that makes you let the old lady with fewer things in her basket go first in line, make you love the dogs even more, make you let your sister sleep even though it's nearly noon. The kind of day that makes you happy to occupy this planet. The kind of day that makes crabby people scowl at your light. *sigh*