What a week

My brother called when he was feeling better. He's supposed to come up this weekend and we'll go to the doc together on Monday. We will also be having 'the big talk' while he's here. I have to be fair to me for a while. Tough stuff. Thanks for the good words...

I am in the homestretch with my classes. I'll be all done by next Wednesday so I'm doing finals and writing papers and glueing shit to refridgerator doors...long story but I'll post a pic and explanation next week.

Yesterday the tech at my doc's office let the sex of our baby kind of slip. I thought Bear would be furious but he wanted me to call back and get confirmation from the amnio. We know. He made me promise not to tell. Knowing has made a difference already. We both feel more connected to the little person inside me. It is not what we had planned but I guess that goes along with the whole theme of this pregnancy!

I have a new pasttime. I can sit and feel the baby moving around inside me! Isn't that the best?! Yesterday BB flipped over and that was a little uncomfortable--but very cool. I never thought I'd have children so the whole experience is kind of 'clean' for me, all free of expectations and all. Nice feeling. I know we'll be great parents. Here comes a child into a home full of love, manageable insanity, openness and joy. We have so many great friends, too. I am very excited today.


I am still wrestling with what to say to my brother. We both hate guilt so. Can't love be enough?