what a day

Bear let Hobbes out to pee and there was a possum right outside the door. Hobbes didn't make much noise, just grabbed it and shook it a couple of times. Bear yelled, "No! Out!" and Hobbes dropped it right away. "Here!" and the dog ran right inside. He was a little freaked out and we went out to look at the possum. For a while there it looked like it was okay. It blinked, got up, yawned, shook itself, and then dragged its legs behind it. So sad. Can't quite get that image out of my mind. *sigh*

The emergency vet (where of course we go) said to call the cops and they'd dispose of it and have it tested. The cop came and shot it in our yard. Our dickhead of a dog abusing, fat kid raising neighbor of ours came out to see what was going on. I would have yelled at him if I was out there. I despise that guy. Long story.....

So now I can't get the image of that wounded animal out of my brain. Hobbes is down the hall, hanging off the corner of the bed so he can see me and waiting for me to come snug him. He's a great dog but that instinct is such a weird thing to witness.

I'm a little emotional these days, too.

Ok, a LOT emotional. Wanna make something of it????