I've started working out in earnest, every day, until I actually sweat and am somewhat sore. I've always been a little 'thick', but not unattractively so. As I sliiiiiide toward 40 I am having irrational fears about waking up one morning, heading into the bathroom for a tinkle, coming back to bed to find my ass is still in bed. Stuff like that really motivates me to make use of the gym! Also, if I do have a child, I want it to have a nice place to grow. Then I'll be having a tummy tuck anyway. Shallow but true.

I spent some time with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law today. I may just be the luckiest damned broad on the planet but I really like both of them. So shoot me.

The day is shooting away from me a little bit today. I have spent some time working but for the most part, totally farting around. I've invited 20 people for Thanksgiving so mostly I'm looking for good recipes. If you have any, shoot them to me. I also coordinated a happy hour where people will bring toys for our local Children's Crisis office. Good stuff. Now I have to convince my friend C to design a postcard for free. She'll totally do it. I hope. Yah, she'll do it.

Ok then. I'm actually going to walk away and do something physical now. Call the papers.