I may be approaching the age where it is getting near the point where I might run the risk of having a difficult pregnancy but...... I still kick butt.

I got in a fight with a dick from Ebay. He sent me a broken fax machine. I wanted my money back. He offered me half. This all took a month I told him to get bent. Actually, I told him this exactly:

okay jerkoff

I am reporting you to Ebay. The facts will bear out as listed in your
auction (ie: no insurance offered) which I have saved even though I doubt
you lack the tech-savvy to take the page down. Today I made a $50 donation to a
couple of blind kittens to negate the gross feeling I have after dealing with a
scumbag like you.

Per my attorney's advice, I repeatedly stated that I wanted your address so
I could mail it back to you and this email proves you refused to provide
your address for said purpose. I will decide upon advice of counsel whether
to place a claim in small claims court here, in my state, file a federal
complaint for mail fraud, or just leave you to your stupid little life. I am
blocking your further emails as you have repeatedly refused to comply with
my request for your address. Best of luck to you and may you get all you so
richly deserve.

My make-believe lawyer probably scared the snot out of this idiot. He hasn't mailed back. I know this cuz my stupid server doesn't allow me to block email. Who ever heard of such a thing? As soon as I have some quality time, I'm shopping for a new host. Yah, that's it.

Hey. He called me 'Ebay Princess.' He's lucky I don't drive to his house on the West Coast and stuff the thing up his stupid ass. Hahahaha.