And as these things go-I'm feeling better today. I went to my therapist yesterday and we talked about the hotspot/triggers and all that jazz. EMDR on monday should get me back up and running. It's been an incredible experience that has helped greatly.

My husband is the best. Totally hooked me up yesterday. Brought home Popeye's for dinner. Gave me 2 rolls and didn't make fun when I ate them both. I'm headed to the spin-cycle as we speak. I'm not going to let myself get off for a full hour. And that is probably only one bisquit... but boy are they fabulous.

I had a looooong conversations with my best friend SJ this morning about TV and how scary it is to me. I think if you break down the messages and morals in the average 30 minute cartoon, you'd be afraid too. I don't see letting our maybe-child watch a lot of tele. I think he/she will be able to deal with not being familiar with all the Rugrats Adventures. I know I am...

Well, I have to do some moving around the house today. I have to rewrite a story for submission to a contest, do some homework, write an english paper, do some laundry, go grocery shopping and that should get me through to tonight. Not so interesting today, but at least I'm out of bed. The dogs are psyched.