It is a gorgeous day-clear and crisp. Not a cloud in the sky. My husband gets up and decides he wants to go for a motorcycle ride. I tell him it's way too cold. I tell him it's not supposed to get above the low 40's today. I tell him a ride today would be unpleasant, at best! He asks if I want to go with him. Again, I wonder if he listens to me when I speak. I'm pretty sure he's just looking at my mouth.

So, he just got home after a twenty minute ride. He said that his legs are numb. He said that he had to pull over and put his hands on the tank to warm them up. He said that as he was riding he could 'feel his nuts pulling up into his body to get away from the cold assault.' His nose is bright red and his lips are blue. His nipples are so hard that I caught my ring on one when I hugged him. He says, "Boy! I'll have to see if it warms up before I go back out again!"

Half of the gene pool. Something to consider.

Of course, he does have his brilliance. He is making 'cheesy eggs', his specialty. I don't know how he does it or what he uses but they are the best damned eggs on the planet. Every time. And he loves to make them so I think that's why they taste extra delicious. My man. Love that guy.