Feeling better today-at last. Last night was pretty bad and my husband left for Vancouver at 4:30 this morning and he wasn't too excited about leaving me alone:) Luckily, we live in the burbs and have incredibly nosey neighbors so I'm sure if I did decide to hang myself someone would know where we keep the extra key and bust right in, cut me down, and make me some homemade chicken soup.

I guess I should clarify that even when I get downdowndoooowwwwwnnnnnn, I have never felt suicidal. There.

The 'touch-down' dates, as it were, this month are the 25th, 26th, and 27th. And we'll have, let's see, 12 additional people in our house for Thanksgiving. This oughta be good. If I do end up pregnant this month you'll know there was some serious effort put forth between entertaining, baking, cooking, cleaning and shmoozing to be humping:)

My dogs are so cute today. Jack was sitting on my head along the back of the chair while I was studying and Hobbes had his 60# pitbull butt in my lap looking out the window. I don't get much done when they're draped on me, but I like it. Warm puppies. Mmmmmm.