I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art yesterday. I saw the El Greco, Domenikos Theotokopoulos for you fellow geeks, exhibit which is extensive and breath-taking. I will be emailing my art history professor to thank him once again. I understood where Mannerism was expressed. I saw where he was preoccupied with the rendering of robes in his neoclassical work. I recognized his Pieta as such and was able to compare it to Michelangelo's sculpture my mind's eye. In short--I was informed and stoked. I completely and thoroughly overwhelmed my friend L, who was at the museum for an assignment. I shared my thoughts with her and flew around that place like a drunk bird. Her eyes were like those spirally black optical illusiony loops you see in cartoons. One exhibit and she was shot. She ended up buying the book and I bet we have to go back again! Yippee!

If you have the opportunity, you should get to the Met to see it.

On another note... I told my husband no less than a dozen times that L and I were going to the museum in the afternoon. I told him that we were driving and my other friend T was driving down from Vt and catching a ride into Manhattan with us. His girlfriend lives there and it's easier to park in our neck of the woods and take the train the rest of the way than to try to find parking and all that jazz in the city. SO, we three went into New York around 3:30, as I had told him a dozen times we would. In the car the phone rings. I feel it necessary to say that I told him again on Friday afternoon before he left to do an errand of my plans in the city.


me: Hi honey. (caller ID, mais oui)

him: Where are you?

me: Are you serious? L, T and I are heading into Manhattan.

him: T is with you? I thought he was coming down at Thanksgiving. How come he's with you? And who's car with VT plates is in our driveway? Is it his?

me: Uh, yeah, that's his car.

him: Funny thing? When I came home I thought something had happened with your mom's divorce and she was here and it was her car!! I snuck in the back door and then remembered her plate so I shined the flashlight out the kitchen window to check the plate and it isn't hers. You know that, right?

me: That it isn't her car?

him: Yeah! It's T's, right?

me: Uh, again, that is his car.

him: Ok. So, where are you going?

Cut to today. We're in the car and I tell him that I have absolute proof that he doesn't ever listen to what I say.

him: Huh?

me: That whole deal yesterday. I told you so many times all this week that I was going and T was driving down from Vermont and all that jazz.

him: Look. I have ADD so bad that it requires therapy. You should feel lucky I remember you, ok?

me: Yeah, that's true.

So, we have many good things to pass on to our maybe-child. Love, a sense of humor, nice hands and feet. The only challenge will be the kid finding his way home from school everyday.