yea, save it for the in-laws

First thing this morning I woke up with burning eyeballs. Fever much? Of course my favorite in-laws, Mama Bear and Big Ed, were coming today.

Rio and I just chilled around the house today. I've been working on bribes/treats/negotiations for pooping on the potty. We are 100 mothereffing percent on tinkles. Every time she tinkles it's like a parade, which I think helps. She'll jump up and say 'Mommy! Mommy! I have to tinkle on the potty! C'mon! Grab everybody!' and takes off. I grab a Guy and whatever else we're playing with and race after her to the WC. Then she stands there and waits for me to take down her pants and hold her hand while she steps onto the stool in a manner I can only imagine is well at home at Buckingham Palace, and perches. Then she tinkles, I clean her up, we wash hands and she says, 'Now I'll have one brown sugary tinkle treat, please!' and I serve her a Junior Mint. What a life!

But today I let her look at the poop-on-the-potty enticement box. All her favorite things: trains, games, PopRocks, etc ... and she grabbed a train and wouldn't let go. Major negotiations going on. I won't bore you. Mostly cuz you'll want to pull your hair out. I did. Barely out of bed, not feeling hot and I gotta chase a bare assed monkey around and grab a train from her.

I'm not exaggerating when I say HOURS of talking about pooping and special treats and all that crap.

Cut to the in-law visit.

Fun, fun, fun. Fun dinner. Fun dessert. Rio excuses herself from the table and goes over to her train table and stands on one foot. That, my friends, is her poop move. One heel and a pained expression. And then, "Hey Nana Peachy, I'm pooping!".

Like the stench didn't give her away ....


aliastaken said...

Ah, how well I remember potty training. Sounds like you are on the right track, but might I caution you to start having her do some of the pre-post-pee stuff (like pulling down her pants and wiping a bit... though you'll need to check for awhile) herself. If you ever intend to send her to pre-school, she'll have to manage that stuff on her own. I used a small potty seat on the floor by the toilet and we got it down to the point when we got to the point where Em wanted to dump the contents and flush herself, well, then she sat on the regular pot like everyone else!

Sally said...

When my daughter had potty-training setbacks, I always calmed myself down by thinking, "Well, she won't be wetting the bed/withholding poop/etc. when she's in college. This will pass (so to speak.)"

Mama Bear said...

She's duch a delight in every way! What's a little poop?
We adore her, worship the ground, and, yes, savor the flavor.
Nana Peachy & Papa Biggie

just me said...

I've never been called brilliant before.

...I've been called other things.

You would honestly send me a care package? why aren't you MY sister!!??

...oh, and you know how I cajole kids to poop on the potty? I help them draw a picture of what they look like doing it...envision technique.

And if that doesn't work...i lock them in the bathroom until they do.

the slackmistress said...

My mom just gave me a book and told me I could read on the potty. Pooping dilemma, solved!

And this is just a poo-filled week, isn't it?