prepare for the jealousy wave

It pays to have talented friends. All my friends have special talents, that way I never have to get off the couch and miss my soap operas.


Seriously though. Follow this to Paper Canteen* to see the Thank You notes that Mere made for Rio. I could die twice, get up AGAIN and die right!**

I cried a little when I saw them.

* She takes orders. Support a SAHM, wouldya? And you should know she totally is that pretty. I think that translates to her cards! Heeheehee.
** I hung out with a boatload of drag queens in the 80s in florida. Some bits of lingo still hang out in my brain :)


Sally said...

Those are gorgeous! I hope you keep one for a memento.

CraftyMomOf2 said...

thanks for the shout out and the love babe. i genuinely enjoy what i do and am lucky enough to have friends like you who appreciate it!