i remember when i had time to be funny

I am shocked at the amount of things I need to do. Moving from in front of my computer is high on the list right now, but a delightful surprise affords me seven minutes with you!

My baby brother was asleep on the couch when we woke up this morning. Yes, our security is tight around here but he has all the codes so voila! baby brother surprise! He's playing squirtbottle with Rio and gathering points toward sainthood ...

The quick update:

* I got a gig doing some proofreading and copy editing in Vermont. I had the best time training. The.Best.Time. I met a new friend that loves grammar jokes as much as I :) And we bemoaned the coming colloquial extinction of 'whomever'. Evidently the generation that can NOT differentiate between 'your' and 'you're' finds 'whomever' too stuffy. My new friend and I are upSET! *sigh* I heart him so much!

* Bear is working on my patent. I told him he better hurry before someone else steals my brilliant idea. He informed me there's such a thing as 'inventor's paranoia'. Oh goody, because I was just thinking I needed one more irrational fear ....

* Styro, may her blog RIP, turned me on to Etsy. Now I spend way too much time looking at pretty, shiny things. I may be more closely related to our ape ancestors than most ...

* While I was out yesterday, Rio took a nap for our sitter. With no issues. No complaints. No neck grabbing and gut wrenching protestation of neeeeeeds. It made me want to pinch her. Rio, not the sitter. That pinch sentence had subject issues. :I'M ON GRAMMAR FIRE!

* Bear gave me his birthday BN gift card to pick up a book for him. I'm going to pick up a book for me, too, after I touch a bunch and randomly pick one. I'm very excited about this.

* I need to mail:
~ will and nina's presents
~ pictures to eleventy people
~ special matte nail nourishment polish to my uncle
~ thank you notes I haven't written

* I took a zumba class and loved it. You should totally try it. I'm ordering the tapes* so I can do it when I'm home, too. That, my friends, is aerobic love. LOVE!

It bears noting that this post was brought to you without paid endorsements. It only seems like I might be getting paid because, lately, I'm link-crazed.

* lesigh. Well, you know I don't edit here. Pure freestyle, stream of unconsciousness, head over-load goodness here. I do, on occasion, preview to make sure egregious typos are caught. I realized I said 'tapes'. No wonder the new guard is happily pushing their grammar change agenda - it turns out I'm one 242 years old in tech-years! Uuuuuuuugh!


feener said...

just joined the gym and i saw the zumbo classes but wasn't sure what it was...i am very uncooridinated (sp)

Tuesday Girl said...

I love etsy too!

Anonymous said...

missed you here in vt...
you coming back??? Tese

nita said...

take it. trust me. you'll laugh even if you have a stroke!

are you selling sister??!!

tese: soooooooon! let's play!