the secret to a happy marriage

Seriously though? Because you're all thinking it must be something huge, right. Nope. Just these.

I'm not even kidding. Bear usually falls asleep first and 'accidentally' he slides over toward me with his head hanging open like Terrence snoring so fricken loud you think, 'that can't be real! he must be faking! maybe he's dying AND I'LL GET SOME EFFING SLEEP!!!!', but that's just how he rolls.

Yeah, so I happened upon these bad boys and tried them out. (With the double links and all it's tempting to think I'm on the payroll, but I really just love these more than chocolate. Almost as much as chocolate. Okay, nowhere near as much as chocolate but I *do* loveloveLOVE them!).


Can you believe I'm not on ADD meds?! Anyway, I twirl them just so and slowly, softly, the soften and then erase the barnyard sounds from the pillow next to mine. I'm getting rest, real rest, for the first time ever. Wild.


kate said...

wow... I don't even rate a link anymore. I'm strangely sad.

Diana said...

wow, rest?
I'm so jealous...
Glad you found a remedy!

TL said...

Recently Krust has purchased some breathe right strips. Amazing if he does wear them they are working.

But I have to admit. I LOVE it when he is snoring like no tomorrow and I wake him and move him you know they always say "Wake me up!" so I do and he rolls right over and starts up again. I just LOVE that!