your thoughts?

For the first time ever I am (A) taking Rio on a plane to Florida and (B) listening to the more experienced in the group.

Normally I like to fly it alone ... hahahahahaha ... oh my. I'm not great at taking advice and I've made some pretty epic blunders but we're all alive and we smile and laugh a lot so, yeah, I am just sort of forging my way through unintentional motherhood. But this flight thing has me nervous.

First of all, although AirTran had non-stop flights, I didn't want to risk getting booted off. My darling Rio rarely misbehaves and reading about that kid's tantrum sounds, well, intense, but still, I don't want to be stranded in an airport so we're flying Delta. With one stop each way. In my non-advice taking mode, that seemed like a pretty good idea. The break. Let's all just hope she gets *back* on the plane. This should be great!

Anyway. I am borrowing a dvd player and dvds of the beloved Blues Clues, I have Pringles (which she's never had and I'm counting on lulling her into a chemical coma) and Triminic Licky Strips (they have a real name but this is funnier and they totally gork her in case of emergency ... hey, don't you judge!), and beads for stringing (we made the beads which is why my house is a disaster and my kid laughs like a maniac) but I'd like to open the floor to your suggestions. And no, I can't leave her at home.

So, fire away!

*I am thinking of making a t-shirt for me that says 'I tried to leave her at home' and one for her that says 'Keep staring ... it helps me poop'. Think those will help?!


Tuesday Girl said...

I have flown with my kids four times to Florida. Each went better then I thought they would go.
I went to the dolalr store and bought some little things that would keep them entertained like a car, molding clay, crayons and coloring books. Snacks like granola bars and yogurt covered raisins were a welcome sight for my kids.
We brought our dvd player and it was a huge life saver.

good luck, I am sure Rio will be a doll.

Tuesday Girl said...

Oh! I forgot! I also try to get to the gate early and sneak off to an empty section, then I let the kids run up and down teh aisles, run to the window and back whatever it takes for them to get out some energy.
This makes the other passengers very nervous that my kids will be wild on the flight, but as soon as we get up, they always fall asleep for 3/4 of the trip.

Valencia said...

we're gonna be in Florida so soon it's scary.
Cannot wait to see you and baby. Guess what? Claire is a licensed lifeguard who teachers little kiddies how to swim. I bet she'll be great for Rio!!

mamabear said...

Beads? Unless you're talking about "worry beads" (which really work on airplanes)I would opt for something bigger and less rolly. Please call me when you arrive to tell me how much fun the flight was...and I know it will be fodder for stories right into fall. Plenty of sunblock for my wee one who may have some of my freckle-and-burn genes lurking beneath the epidermis. I'll miss you both!

nita said...

tues~dvd-check. and she's recently starting running and yelping like a dog who needs meds. this should be fun

pia~i know! (she's my sister and we're meeting up at auntie's house. yay!)

mb~freckle gene? maybe dormant :) she's just like me, the color of a spanish olive!!!