My new dentist emailed over the weekend *swoooon* to let me know of a cancellation today at 2pm. For the root canal redo ... shoot me. Anyway, I accepted which means I could not go to a fabulous lunch at my in-laws which makes me sooo sad BUT not sad enough to go another 8 days with a throbbing mangled tooth. explanation: Almost 3 years after a stupid kid hit Bear's car hard enough to rip the seat from the frame, the other side has finally gotten around to scheduling a deposition. So we all planned to have a little daytrip. So the plan was for Bear to take Rio and have a nice lunch and then go to his deposition. We were to leave at 9am.

Bear decided to go into work for just one thing.

It is 11:25, they left 5 minutes ago. He got back here after 11 and still had to shave and shower. I had his clothes ironed and laid out, his lunch packed, snacks, drinks and diapers in the car and the car running.

I could honestly hit him in the head with a giant steel clock.

But! I now have 1.25 hours all to myself before I have to leave for the dentist. I'm not taking calls, I am cleaning up AND I'M LISTENING TO HOWARD100 AT FULL BLAST!

This is a little sad, non?

:: amended to add ::
I had the best root canal today. I'm not even kidding. I am a little bit insanely in love with my new dentist. If you live within 1000 miles of Brookline MA, you must see him! *swooon*


Beth said...

Wow! With a comment like that I'm tempted to move to Brooklyn just for that dentist!

kate said...

Wow. He must be awesome. I'm not even allowed to think the word "root canal" in my house or someone starts twitching.

mare said...

giant steel clock

I totally read this wrong. More teeth problems in the future, huh?

TL said...


nita said...

~ i AM insane but that was a damned fine root canal!