things that make you go 'hmmm'

We went to the beach today. We trekked like desert wanderers, snaking through the oiled bodies until we found a quiet spot. My sister and I put down the bags, spread the towels, got out the water, re-screened ... and I took off Rio's clothes.

Here's the weird part. All of the sudden I was in whacko mode. I think kids should be nekkid on the beach. It's natural. So why was all my hair standing up? I was sizing up every person who walked by looking for who knows what, but I was definitely more out of my mind than usual. Stressed in the least pleasant of ways ... hmmm.

We continue to have a great time and miss Bear and Jacky a little too much. Today she asked if we could go home and 'have a tea party on the purple rug and Daddy can drink tea and Jacky can drink tea' and I wanted to oblige ... but we have many miles before we head home. It's fun being with her so much in a different space. She constantly amazes me with her ability to just roll with the day. That kid is my new role model :)

Tomorrow we're heading to my grandmother's. I've been thinking about my gramps a lot and it might be finally hitting me because I don't want to go there. I love her, love hanging out with her, but I am having a desire to run which usually portends difficult emotional stuff. Hooboy.

2 fun things:

* Lost, as usual, and getting directions from a nice Haitian valet dude. He went on and on and asked if I got it and I said 'Yeah, sure, thanks' and he said, 'Repeat it back to me' and I said, 'Oh my god, how could you tell I wasn't paying attention?!' and he said, 'Easy' and I continued on my wayward way, chastised.

* I will be seeing my roommate from nearly 20 years ago this week. I love her. She's nuts and we had a total blast. When I get back, I'll have the top ten Big D stories.

What the heck are you guys up to?!



Diana said...

I'm so jealous you're already at a beach!