2 very odd things

Tomorrow I will be posting an ode to my new dentist, complete with a link and I'll make you pinky swear to go to him if you live within 1000 miles, but for now a completely weird phenomenon....

Bear snores. Loud. With his mouth hanging open and usually pointing at me. When he gets into bed he swishes the down comforter so it blasts cold air into my warm little pocket. And then he hogs the blankets. And he wants to read when I want to sleep and wants to sleep when I want to read. And he starts books that I've already started and makes me feel bad if I want the book back. And he puts his scratchy feet on me but claims sensory aggravation if I put my feet on him and mine aren't even scratchy!

So why can't I sleep unless he's here? He's back at work. Said he was going in 'to run a couple quick arrays', whatever the hell that means. But it was hours ago. I have half a vicodin in me and I am wide awake. Waiting for the loud ass snoring, bed cooling, cover hogging, reading, scratchy footed partner of mine.

*sigh* Love is very, very strange.


Diana said...

Strange indeed.
All these things we hate about the way they sleep/do things, and absolutely miss them when they are away...
He better have gotten his behind home so you could get some sleep.

rock grrrl said...

THAT EXPLAINS IT. i wondered where the hell my sudden, vivid dreams last night came from about a sexy, irresistible dentist with a penchant for giving footrubs... And now I know it was YOUR subliminal fault.

Thank you. His name was Peter, and he had a British accent. You may direct my dreams any time.

nita said...

di: 3am. i look like hell

rg: you crack me up!

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