~never say never~

Of course you realize by now that Miss Rio is the embodiment of perfection, yes? Then it will amuse you to know that 'she never spits up' is now a thing of the past. She had her usual 'fussy' time last night. We were up, singing and eating and fooling around and then eating some more. We came upstairs to see if sleep might be in the near future. No. So we went into her room to rock and maybe nurse** some more....

She made the 'I have a burp stuck' screech so I sat her upright for a back pat. She turned her head toward me and shot 4 ounces of formula upside my head. It hit my cheek, neck, upper arm and she was covered too. Surprisingly, not that gross.

Yep, I'm somebody's mom.


For the last 2 days Rio has been a breast feeding machine. My pal, CG came over and helped me with some breasty type tips. Rio was being a big showoff and latched on like a lunatic. Well, then she just kept doing it and it seems to agree with her. She's up to an 80% latch rate from a maybe once a day latch rate. We're thrilled. I am happy to report that the feeding prior to the milk bath was primarily formula as I was running a bit low....