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Rio has become a breast-fed baby. Last night we had one marathon session where she had NO FORMULA WHATSOEVER. Who knew?!

Bear knows really great swear words

and he's busting them all OVER the basement. He has a new universal remote that may not be as easy to set up as he may have thought it would be. For example, I was trying to watch a show and he turned the tv off and on and off and on and now I'm blogging because I can't watch the show with volume, although if we turn the TV off the surround sound seems to work fine......

He just caved and called the kid from Circuit City to come over and help. That means I have to go to the packy because he won't take money but he will take a case of beer.


Then we're off to BabiesRUs, the bank and the car dealership. I left the EZPass in the car we traded in last week when I joined suburban momhood. Yup, a Subaru Outback is now my ride of choice. With all the gear that it is going to take to get me and Rio to Vermont for a few days...I shoulda gotten a dump truck.

And how is your weekend so far?!