I f-ing hate Blogger

Because not only will your long ass terribly witty post be annihilated if you use one of the tempting 'helpers' in the above toolbar, but you will also lose aforementioned post if you try 'control b' for bold. It's like a damned HTML from hell program. Try a shortcut, lose your place in line.

Next, please.

As I WAS saying...

but I've pretty much lost that loving feeling. I was saying that I had a nice time with my mother today. I spent the whole day poised for the attack. The 'I told you so' or the 'I can't believe you're so _____ (insert something pleasant here so I know she didn't KNOW I am smart or capable or whatever doesn't suck)' or the 'I certainly wouldn't dream of doing it that way'.... or the myriad of other slings and barbs she has at the ready.

Nope. Just a nice visit. Yummy totally fattening lunch with lobster and avocado and a bowl of butter and other fat and tasty things. She didn't make me want to cry or scream once. Not once. Unbelievable. AND she gave me this neat ottoman that will go really well in our bedroom and Bear can stop complaining about kicking the wrought iron footstool I'm now using for nursing although it's been there for over a month so why the hell doesn't he just walk around the damned thing because I need to prop my feet to properly rock the wee one...

Uh, see? Her kindness has me all out of sorts.

:: more pictures, you say? ::

I could so tell you were just watching my mouth and not really listening....