~bear rocks the planet~

My friend, Parker, is here for a visit. We have closed the doors to non-performing visitors so those who plan to stay the night should also plan to:

*strip their own bed
*watch Rio while I bathe
*watching me bathe is extra....

Parker is amazing. She is helping Bear organize his new office space. We both got booted for the nursery. Mare helped me with mine so now Bear will be set, too. Additionally, our offices are now 3 floors apart so we might actually get something done although I do pine for the good old days of, "I'm sending you this link. Check out this guy's hair!", but we'll live.

Why does Bear rock today? After having me pretty much yell at him for 2 days straight, he decided I need some sleep. We ordered out - pizza - and then he sent me to bed. At 7:45. I was down and out by 8pm. Until the 3am feeding. Seven hours of pretty much uninterrupted sleep. I feel so good right now. I just cleaned the kitchen, put away 2 baskets of laundry, decided what needs to be ironed and then sighed cuz it will never GET ironed, and I'm in front of my computer ready to tackle digital picture organization. I'm going to group, burn to disc and then make a copy of each photo to keep with the discs. Don't you wish you had more pictures of yourself as a child? Our child will grow to know her parents are insane shutter bugs ;)

:: it's amazing what one can tolerate ::

...and for a change I am not talking about my mother...

I talked to BabyBrother today. He still hasn't seen Rio. I'm not sure what's up with that, but I'm sure it is something that could use professional help sorting. *sigh* Anyway. He mentioned that he had finally purchased a new television. I know he watches a ton because he has tinitus and can't bear silence. I asked him why finally and he said:

I've been losing a line of pixels like every other day for months. Last night I was watching a movie I hadn't seen and realized that all heads were completely gone. It freaked me out a little so I got a new tv today.

He's an odd duck, that one.

:: back to work ::

For all of us. Did you go visit MOT yet? This is the last (maybe) unsolicited plug. I saw her today with her man and little men so they're on the brain. I am going to visit this week with my nugget because MOT already knows I'm nuts so if I get stressed out and have to leave after 15 minutes for some bizarre reason she will understand...

Ah, 400 pictures beckon....