thank goodness we have a bazillion dollars worth of television equipment

We had a really nice night together last night. Bear came home, showered and changed into some velour sweats and he set up the digital recorder on our giant television to record the 2 hours of Friends. Then we, ah, took a happy break and then had a lovely dinner of steak, broccoli, squash and baked potatoes. We then retired to the TV room to watch Friends, sans expensive commercials, from the recording as the show zipped on ahead of us.

I'm no fanatic and I haven't seen it much in the last 2 years because of my school schedule, but I'm not ashamed to say I think it's a clever show. I am a bit invested in the characters and do have my own wishes for the fates of the cast members. That said, I was so excited to be home and available and accompanied by my favorite person to watch the finale.

We watch the first hour. We're able to back up and enjoy particularly funny moments again. We pause and go upstairs to make ice cream sundaes. We settle back on the couch. Life is good. Although it takes 4 remotes, a virtual reality suit and foot pedals to control the myriad of functions of the TV, sound system and digital recorder, Bear is up for the job. He's whirring and spinning and flicking buttons like a pro.

It's the last minutes of the show. Monica and Chandler are all packed up. The air is thick with emotions and poignant witticisms. What I assume to be very close to the end, Joey crosses his arms and says, ".........

This is where his taping shuts off. He looks at me. I look at him.

bear: Uh, I programmed it to go 2 minutes over in either direction.
me: ...
bear: Oh well. You basically know how it ends, right?

So, if anyone knows what happened in the last 2 minutes of a show that I have watched FOR TEN FRICKIN YEARS THAT MY HUSBAND CUT THE TAPING SHORT ON.... please divulge.


Speaking of Friends.... I wonder how 'Joey' will do. He's a goon, but does that make for a fun 17 minutes? I was thinking it would be great for Gunther to show up in Hollywood, all tricked out and super successful cuz he has a show in development about a bunch of whiners that hang around in a coffee shop all the time.....then he could tell Joey he's just not right for the part. Huh??