I just love the crack of dawn, don't you?

My brother, the near deaf, arrived yesterday. I love that kid so much it makes my heart squeeze. He, like me pre-pregnancy, doesn't sleep so I know I can go wake him up and he'll hang with me before this crazy day gets rolling. We're having 8 for brunch, and then another 8 for dinner. Should be interesting....

Big kids

We spent over 2 hours at BabiesRUs yesterday. My SIL informed Bear that we were nowhere near finished registering and our registry certainly needed some work. It did so we went. On a Saturday. The day before Mother's Day. Hello, could we get any stupider??!!

A post for another day will be all the crap you 'are supposed to have' for a baby. For this morning I'd just like to tell you all in Blogsylvania one thing. They give you a scanner so you can add things to your registry with ease. They give you directions like: can't scan sale or seasonal items, to register for multiples-scan multiple times, to delete the last item scanned you need to scan the delete code from the sheet on the clipboard. I took the clipboard; all loaded up with my measly choices and a thick shock of suggestions. Bear took the scanner.

bear: Oops.
me: C'mon honey. Don't mess around.
bear: I'm not. I'm just making sure it's calibrated right. Can I see the delete code?

me: What are you scanning in??!!
bear: I was just testing if you really couldn't scan sale items. You can scan this one! Can I see the delete code?

me: I'm looking at the suggestions. What are you adding to the registry??!!
bear: I just wanted to see how far away it can pick up a UPC code. Can I see the delete code?

bear: Total accident, I swear.
me: Give me the scanner.

So, he almost made it an entire aisle without losing scanner privileges. Frankly, that wasn't bad.

Hop Hop, Easter Bunny

We finally figured out why Jack is so interested in a clump of evergreens in the way backyard. Evidently there is a warren of rabbits living there. Tiny, perfectly formed, multi-colored little bunny rabbits-judging from the one in his mouth when he came in last night.

We don't put the dogs out, mostly because we'd never see Jack again. We take them out about 20 times a day. You have to stand on the back porch and monitor their activities. No fighting. No rolling in smelly stuff. No digging at the fence. Here, here, here, here and it's a successful outing. Unfortunately these dogs treat our backyard like some sort of wild game preserve.

Their kill list to date:
bunnies ( a few)
birdies (a few)
squirrels (again, a few)
and one nasty looking possum.

The cops had to come over and shoot the latter. Did I tell you about that?

So, happy mother's day. I have to go switch the laundry, iron some napkins and hit the grocery store before it gets bananas there. My nugget has been kicking up a storm and each shot to the ribs makes me smile.

Yeah, I think I'm ready.