Yesterday I got mad. Really mad. Mad enough to spit. On someone....

I was at the Mobil station along the highway. Gas is always a bit higher there but if you're stupid enough to get on a highway without fuel, you deserve to pay the premium, right?

So, I'm in line and the white dude in a fishing hat in front of me says:

dude: I got gas in Greenwich yesterday. It was $2.15 a gallon! And it was at a Mobil, too.

me: That's odd. I thought they were regulated within certain areas,

dude: Well, the guy was an A-rab so I guess he was having a good laugh at our expense.

This is where my head blew off. The lovely black girl behind the counter recognized the purple flush of my face and half smiled, wondering what was next. This was next....

me: An Arab? How did you know? Did you discuss his heritage with him?

dude: Well, middle eastern, whatever. They're all the same, having a laugh at our expense.

me: Perhaps you'd care to pick up a newspaper while you're here and perhaps EDUCATE yourself a little bit. This whole war, that we don't belong in, is not a laughing matter to anyone.

dude: I'm just saying. I miss the good old days when everyone was either english or irish or (casts a look at the counter girl) African American. You know, you could tell what someone was by looking at them.

me: Yes. It is much easier to hate along racial lines when they are clear for you.

At this point I pushed past him, put my $20 on the counter and said, "Fucking asshole."

I am not normally good with racism. I believe in confronting it when I come upon it. I don't swear, but rather point out the offending comment and try to educate this person as to why it is hurtful. Yesterday I just wanted to bust this fuckwad in the mouth. I was mad for an hour afterward. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.