29 week check-up

weight gain: 12 pounds
glucose test: normal range
pee test: totally clear of protein and sugar
doctor: still cute as hell

It was uneventful, which is nice. He explained that my puffy ankles will be exacerbated by standing or sitting for long periods. I did a lot of both over the weekend. They are slowly going down. Thankfully.

My uterus is just over 28 centimeters and the baby is kicking like a donkey on amphetamines.

Speaking of drugs.....
The kid who housesits for us is usually a complete gem. This weekend every last one of my klonopin (also known as 'mom's coming for dinner' pills) has disappeared. And the empty container was left on the shelf. Bear hates anyone in our house when we're not here and this hasn't helped the situation at all.