I really shouldn't complain but I think I'm losing my mind

I'm still in some of my regular clothes. Granted, I used to dress a bit like a skategrrl and my husband always laughs at my pants that are too big, but at 7+ months, I'm happy to still be in them.

So....I'm tinkling for perhaps the 21st time today and I lose the toilet paper. I go, blot (cuz frankly, I could just go and GO there is so little actual product....) and then somehow don't drop the paper at my normal time. I am doing the get up/drop maneuver that I've never ever had a problem with before and somehow the paper is lost. I look at the bowl, think 'what the hell??', spin around and realize the paper is lost. I feel between my legs, feel around the back, it is gone. I'm just starting to have serious doubts about the stability of the space time continuum when I see it sticking out the bottom of the left leg of my sweats.

Total mystery.