we're on the road to nowhere

I did it. Joined a gym. The World Gym in my town is running a great special and I got online and joined.

Even better? Today I went! And took a spin class! At 6am! And I didn't cry or throw up!! Exclamation points came with my membership...

So, yeah, I'm committed to having a healthy body and healthy mind. Yay me. Oh, and everyone who is forced to deal with me, too. Yay you guys, too.


I have a lot of friends. I love them all terribly. They are literally the pieces of the puzzle that is me. They all hold a piece and the whole thing doesn't make sense without all of them. That said, my best friend that I speak to multiple times daily is traveling the planet right now. You'll see her messages here - no punctuation and packed with inside jokes. Say hi to her and know I'm a giant girlie dork because yesterday I left a message on her cellphone telling her I miss her and I had to hang up quick because I started to cry. Hi Mare!


Not much to share right now. Starting to see body changes. Really feeling fitness changes. Making a concerted effort to decide what I want to be when I grow up. Figuring out December plans. Loving my husband, daughter, dog, most of my family, and all the puzzle pieces.

I think I blew something open in my head during that spin class ....


the slackmistress said...

That means it's working!

teahouse said...

Wow, 6 a.m. spin class? Go you!! I could never do that. I run and work out, but doing it early in the morning? Fuggedabout it!!