must be the meds ....

... that I found on the floor and promptly ate.


Today has me experiencing a weird shift. Yesterday Rio and I were late to school. Remarkable because I have thrown world-class fits about 5 minute delays. I hate late. But yesterday she had very specific hair-do requests and granting them made us a little late. Mind you, I'd still have a stroke if I was even 10 seconds late to pick her up ... but I wasn't at all concerned we were a bit late TO school. Subtle shift.

And - I still haven't talked to my mother cuz I just plain don't know what to say. I want to say, "Man, you put the suck in suck," but I don't feel like that's going to be productive.

And - my father called yesterday, talked to our fabulous sitter, said he'd call back in an hour - and didn't. And - I didn't remember that til I was thinking about my sucky-mcsuck mom, so, yeah. I'm not worrying over things I might have in the past.

And - I'm not going to Boston with Rio. End of story. Bear and I are odd as fuck so worrying about Rio's, uh, eccentricities is a giant waste of energy. She'll be fine. She has two parents who really love and care for her, who try to answer 'why' a thousand times a day, and who kiss her while she's sleeping every night before they retire. She'll be fine. Better than, probably.


Valencia said...
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Beth said...

Good for you!

Peace, sista.