what's NOT for breakfast

There are times when I think advertising/product development might be fun. Then I get a chance to actually look around and I'm back to wanting to live in a cave. But I would like to be a fly on the wall for certain development meetings....

Picture it:

Bunch of self-perceived hipster development dudes sitting around with a pile of VC, trying to find 'the next big thing.'

h1: reading People magazine ... How about ankle devices with swarovski crystals?

h2: Nah, I think Paris already has that and she's the only one stupid enough to buy one.

h1: Yah, prob.

h2: Hey, says here that organic foods is a billion dollar industry. We gotta get some of that.

h3: I got something here somewhere (shuffles stacks of reports) here it is! The government rearranged the food pyramid. Wait ... yeah, it's still unintelligible. Great! I've got the best idea!

h1,2: Eyes wide. Behind sunglasses. Inside.

h3: Waffle-whiz. Organic waffle-whiz.

h1: Seriously?

h3: (madly sketching) Comes in a can. Americans are lazy. Or in a rush. Yeah, in a rush. Let's not point out lazy. Um, I think breakfast is no longer the celery in your bloody mary. And it's organic. Organic! People will buy it just for that reason! WAFFLE.WHIZ. Right? Riiiiiight?

'Organic' batter from what is so obviously left-over CheezWhiz cans makes me sad for some reason. I think organic manipulation coupled with extraordinary sloth is the new black.


Anonymous said...

hey girlie thios hotel is not mac compatible so til the 4th i am restricted. miss u trip is great lots to tell and share. love m

Valencia said...

that product is sick and disturbing. oy.