don't poke the bear

He's concerned he's been improperly portrayed. He wants everyone (his mom) to know that he doesn't ever make fun of her. It's true, he isn't the mean-spirited sort. He insists their version of 'Who's on First' is a give and take.


Anyway, as a peace offering I'll list his top 5 super sweet moments as they strike me.

1. She can totally make him at least half an hour late for work by running after him to the door and saying, "Daddy, you forgot I wanted to give you two more kisses!" and he comes running back like a fish on a hook. She'll follow that up with, "Daddy, you forgot I wanted to give you two more hugs!" and you can see how the time ticks by, what with the kissing, hugging and running back and forth.

2. When I saw her in striped summer sandals and a striped fall sweater and pants that were still too big so her butt was hanging out ... I thought he'd merely opened drawers and threw things at her. Turns out he'd chosen the sweater and summer sandals based on a shared pallet of stripes and the pants because their stitching fell into that color group.

3. I bought a new carseat and, unasked, he took it out of the box, read the directions, put the zillion straps into their proper slots and set it all up for us.

4. When I hear him reading to her over the monitor he makes it sound really good. He gives every character a funny voice and he always reads at LEAST three books whereas I'll sometimes try to only read one and concede to two.

5. Two days ago she uttered a spontaneous, "Oh daddy. I love you sooooo much!" followed by a big neck wrangling hug and it made him cry.


Mama Bear said...

What a wonderful Dad my perfect son is! When he was just a bit younger than Rio he would respond to "I love you" with a blase'"Me know it!" Just melted my heart. It's wonderful that he not only loves his little girl, but he doesn't hesitate to demonstrate it and he has a lot of fun with her. You know, like what you just said.
Love you all!

Tuesday Girl said...

Sounds like he is a great husband and father!
You are both very lucky girls.

Valencia said...

Hey.. I was there for #2!!! Funny. Bears the greatest!

Piglet said...

awww he sounds like a big old bear :) a sweet, soft squishy bear..