who's on first?

As with most three year olds, Rio has some, ah, interesting ways of spitting the english language. A lot of the funny ones are disappearing; a melancholy occurrence.

One that is holding tight is, "What you just said?" instead of "What did you say?", ad nauseum, 40 times a day. Because I'm insane I first thought she was deaf, then dumb, and then I realized it's just how she rolls right now.

Bear can NOT help himself but to correct her. I have no less than 25 toddler-raising books opened to the part where it says you don't make fun of your kid's speech, but he can NOT help himself.

bear: I think I'd like a snack.

rio: What you just said?

bear: What did you just say?

rio: I said, 'What you just said?'.

bear: Um (eyebrows shooting up and weird dad face) no, what did you just say?

rio: (clearly annoyed) I said, "What you just said?"!

I may help her amend that to, "What you just said, dumbass?".


Nancy said...

That one is WAY funnier than the classic child language acquisition anecdote (from college linguistics textbooks) where the dad is futilely trying to get his toddler to stop saying: "I want the other one spoon."

Valencia said...


Busy_Woman said...

Our is:

"I amn't" and both of my kids still say it. The three year old JUST started saying it after 2 years of hearing it from his brother.

I think I like "What you just said?" better.

Anonymous said...

OMFG - this is too funny!

My daughter is just starting to really talk and the funniest thing so far is... I was calling her older brother to come to the front room where I was and little Ramona, almost two years old starting hollering "Connin (her pronunciation of Collin)... Connin... CONNIN RIGHT NOW!"

nita said...

anon - i hear you. she's taken to 'counting' me.... 1, 2, make a good choice mommy .... ??!!!

nita said...

nancy - hi! i miss you!

bw - another 'one and done' bonus!

Piglet said...

i love this, very funny!

Anonymous said...

Here's another one, straight from the boobah's two year old mouth...

"It NOkay!"

For "It is NOT okay".

heppo said...

Melancholy indeed. My daughter said "Wamma" for "grandma" for the longest time. The first time she said "Grandma" instead, my mom and I both cried.

The girl used to count to her little brother too. Pointed finger and all, with the other hand on her hip.