I swore I wouldn't think about Michael Vick ...

... but I can't help it.

With the pressure of raising a loving and kind human at the forefront of my mind, well, I'm busy. I read the paper once a week and I'm often way behind on 'Breaking Britney News' and the rest of the non-news that is covered to death.

So when the Vick story broke, it took me a few days to catch it. Here it is. I have to cruise through and try not to get the details of the horrifying claims or I'll never sleep again. I still can't get my mind around the fact that people can abuse animals; the scope of his alleged crimes numbs the mind and sickens the soul. With his cohorts turning on one another at a frenzied pace, and details details details satisfying our current 'if it bleeds it leads' media mentality, it is tough to shut out the images. I'm on a strictly TIVO diet. The flashes of dogs being carried out of the compound, and knowing their probable fate, has left me sore inside.

When Bear got up to take over Monkey Princess duty this morning I foolishly watched the news. I saw a handsome man in a gorgeous suit and then saw the name
"Michael Vick" appear on a banner beneath him. The story said he had until 9 this morning to agree to a guilty plea with federal prosecutors. So, from 6am until now I've been nervously checking the internet. Apparently no news source has been informed of his decision. My stomach still churns.

So, I'd like to offer Mr Vick my advice.

Michael Vick:

Don't take the deal! It could affect your NFL career. I gather your camp is very concerned about the Player Conduct rules. From what I've read you're concerned with your ability to play in the future. You're in such a gray area you should totally try to ride it out.

Don't take the deal! The offer is 1-2 years in a federal prison. They are very bad places. Some unfortunate person with nothing to hope for could try to harm you just to make a name. You could win at trail, right?

Don't take the deal! You'll probably be able to wait until the hullabaloo dies down and strike a much better deal, re-sign your endorsement contracts, start for the Falcons again with a multi-year multi-million dollar contract, and maybe even reignite your kennel business.

Okay, Michael Vick, you can stop reading now.

Everyone else - pray (or whatever you do. just do it hard) that his arrogance makes him refuse the deal. Pray that he gets a jury of *my* peers; people who save animals. Pray that karma is real. Pray that hell is real. Pray that he miraculously pops a conscience and it bothers him every second of every day for the rest of his wretched life. Pray there's an afterlife. Pray this follows him there. Pray the NFL has more than footballs and bans him for life. Pray that he is required to answer for each and every crime he committed.

Pray that the judge in his case loves a dog.


Galaxy Girl said...

Magic & I watch PTI every night and they talk about Vick at the top of every show nowadays.

I'm prayin' alright. I want karma to catch up with him while he's still a figure on the world stage - and make an example of him. I want someone to offer him a job advertising jalapeno essence enemas. Dirtbag. Shame on him.

mrsmogul said...

KARMA is real!! I don;t know who this VICK guy is but I'm with yoU!

Billy said...

amen. i'll go even further to say hang him high. or drown his ass. if it was good enough for the poor pit bulls they executed..

the slackmistress said...

It's so insanely sad that this is the only way we can get dogfighting into the public consciousness. I don't think that he'll get the punishment that he deserves if he goes to trial, but I want him to go to trial because it keeps it at the forefront. Even people who hate pit bulls won't condone the horrific brutality.

nita said...

*gg: where are yoooouuuuuuu??!!

*mommymogul: be glad you've avoided the news so well

*billy: like a pinata, right? and we could all take a swing at him. or let dogs bite and hang off him. or, or, or....

*slack: you and i are lovers of the pit. they are the hated dog du jour. remember when german shephards, dobermans, rottweilers all had their day? really it's those chihuahuas that are bite dangers! but, yeah, a trial would be nice...