all sorts of news

:: bad ::
I was on hold, on and off, for nearly an hour yesterday with our insurance company.

:: good ::
Our sitter was here so I didn't have to make Sculpy creatures while arguing with 4 people who all gave me conflicting information.

:: bad ::
The insurance plan, which is administered out of Georgia, has found a way to pay for a certain service - EMDR - but only when provided by a certain type of doctor - MD. Coincidentally, that type of doctor doesn't do that type of service.

:: good ::
I found a provider, not an MD, who does EMDR really well.

:: bad ::
We have zero coverage for it AND I really need it AND it really helps.

:: good ::
The certified EMDR specialist takes cash.

:: bad ::
A lot of cash.

:: best ::
I had a pretty grueling session yesterday. I felt like Sculpy personified all afternoon yesterday. Before going to bed last night, I worked on a specific relaxation technique and was pleasantly surprised to NOT have my usual going to bed feeling which is someone holds a gun to my head and says, 'Nighty night! Pleasant dreams!' and then the gun holder turns into 30 monsters over the course of the night.


Last night I slept well. And I woke up in a good mood. Make that great mood. See you later!


Valencia said...

your sister is coming to visit
....well.. I don't think there *is* a bad about that!!! 24 hours I can't waaaaaaaait

Cricket said...

That's absurd. EMDR by an MD.

Have you checked into EEG Neurofeedback? Alpha/Theta training is used with solders etc with PTSD. I don't know if it would be cheaper. If I lived nearby, I'd be very cheap, as I am getting the equipment/training and will be functional in a month. Perhaps look to a hometraining network in your area.

nita said...

thanks cricket! i wish, but the emdr works so well. but i'll totally look into this.

Cricket said...

Put in a request here

to see if there is a hometraining group or a practicing tech near you.